To be the happiest people part 16

Assalamualaikum guys...

251. You will find the sweet taste of faith when you forgive all people before you sleep and wash your heart with pardons and excuses

252. Science is your companion in loneliness, it is a friend is strange moment, a watcher when yo are alone, a guide to wisdom, a help i need and it is a treasure after death

253. A worn dress and an old pair of shoes will never harm you as log as your heart is in submission to God, your eyes cry out of his fear, and your soul is enough out of his whatever he donates to you

254. The remain reasons of rancors and burdens are the distance between you and God and to much interest in the lige. To have the two reasons means that you are the same as an eternal prisoner who is neither alive nor dead

255. A watching eye is considered the best treasure once it keep awake while you are asleep, witnesses matters while you are absent, and once it protects well after your death

256. Require your luck by means of silence. A silent person is respected, the listener is beloved and logic restrict agony

257. Principles of life are : to beware of an enemy, to manage your means of living, to find pleasure but not through sins, to enrich the mind and to beautify the soul. Anything else is worthless

258. Isolation protects you from enviers, persons who are rejoicing at other's misfortunes, proud persons, the backbiters and the admirers

259. You will not enjoy travelling from a country to another with burdens, try to change your feeling is order to renew your happiness

260. If your soul is beautiful, you will see too much sins and sufferings. You will look with other beloved people at a small cottage as if it is castle

261. The mercy of God is obvious upon his workshippers through their sufficiency, they image themselves kings even if they have too little

262. Health is the life, youth is within that heath,chivalry is within patience, generosity is within the fear for God, and sufficiency is the principle for enough money

263. The most miserable person is the one  who wants to be someone else, who despises his fate, who is annoyed at his earnings and the one who is impatient and rash

264. Sitting much time at the mosque helps you to gain the wise words of the holy QURAN, a true brother and a fried, a good knowledge , a coming mercy, a useful word and a true repentance

265. You will enjoy your food once you fast and your sleeping once you pray at night

266. People will praise you the moment you become generous and they will envy you supremacy

267.There is no happiness without the freedom from each single piece of domination upon your body, your mind, your feeling and your imagination in order to be a workshipper (for Allah) only

268. The time forget thins that cannot be reformed and forget people who humiliated you and remember their charity, you sure will be happy

269. Your earnings will definitely find you and will chase you as if it your shadow, so don't be worry because you will never die before you have all your rights

270. To need a sly person means that you are a looser, to ask for much more than what you have means that you are poor, and to never notice your faults means that you are blind

18 Responses to “To be the happiest people part 16”
  1. smtimes trlupa nk maafkn org sblum tido sbb trtiodo..hehe

  2. You will find the sweet taste of faith when you forgive all people before you sleep and wash your heart with pardons and excuses

    nak hidup bahagia..cuba ini..insyaAllah

  3. nurmisnan says:

    hai IFA... itu ler.. terkadang mata kalau dah mengantuk
    memang ingat bantal + selimut.. yang lain2 esok2 jer pk. hik3

    well, cuba2lah untuk amalkan perlahan2.. insyaAllah lama2 ingat

  4. nurmisnan says:

    hai pazil... yup.. memaafkan kesalahan dan freekan hati
    sblm tdo adalah amalan yang baik..

    thanks for droppg by here...

  5. Unknown says:


  6. nurmisnan says:

    Waalaikumsalam LF
    alhamdulillah... namun terkadang ada di kalangan kita susah utk memaafkan orang yg sudah banyak menyusahkan diri kita dan keluarga... May Allah tenangkan hati dan memberi kedamaian utk kita semua

  7. Unknown says:


  8. LadyBird says:

    insya-Allah.. akan dicube perlahan2.. :) terima kasih..

  9. nurmisnan says:

    salam LF.. itulah sikap yang di sukai Allah.
    biarlah mereka berbuat buruk kpd kita asalkan
    kita tidak..

  10. nurmisnan says:

    salam Ladybird.. insyaAllah.. mudah2an akan diamalkan
    secara perlahan2..

  11. L says:

    hehe,, amalakan agam. bhgia la hidup..=0

    jom renung sebentar.=)

  12. Lee says:

    Hi Nur, very nice.
    Good to follow all that.
    Best regards.

  13. Anonymous says:

    singgah sini... template yang bagus.. x byk kaler.. x sakit mata..senang baca..

  14. Lee says:

    NUR, DATANG PONDOK SAYA. PLEASE minum ayer sejuk first. I have something for you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    tq for sharing info.. slm kenal n dah follow u

  16. Anonymous says:

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