To be the happiest people part 16

Assalamualaikum guys...

251. You will find the sweet taste of faith when you forgive all people before you sleep and wash your heart with pardons and excuses

252. Science is your companion in loneliness, it is a friend is strange moment, a watcher when yo are alone, a guide to wisdom, a help i need and it is a treasure after death

253. A worn dress and an old pair of shoes will never harm you as log as your heart is in submission to God, your eyes cry out of his fear, and your soul is enough out of his whatever he donates to you

254. The remain reasons of rancors and burdens are the distance between you and God and to much interest in the lige. To have the two reasons means that you are the same as an eternal prisoner who is neither alive nor dead

255. A watching eye is considered the best treasure once it keep awake while you are asleep, witnesses matters while you are absent, and once it protects well after your death

256. Require your luck by means of silence. A silent person is respected, the listener is beloved and logic restrict agony

257. Principles of life are : to beware of an enemy, to manage your means of living, to find pleasure but not through sins, to enrich the mind and to beautify the soul. Anything else is worthless

258. Isolation protects you from enviers, persons who are rejoicing at other's misfortunes, proud persons, the backbiters and the admirers

259. You will not enjoy travelling from a country to another with burdens, try to change your feeling is order to renew your happiness

260. If your soul is beautiful, you will see too much sins and sufferings. You will look with other beloved people at a small cottage as if it is castle

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To be the happiest people part 15

Salam guys...

241. The nature of life includes tears with smile, sorrow with delight, disaster with gift, crisis with reward and a stable year followed by another changeable

242. Look quite well and you will find out in each home either a sufferer, an afflicted person, a harmed person, or a sad one. At the same time you will find happy people too

243. The voice of people who thank you for your favors is much gorgeous than the singing birds, the gentle trees and the music of chords

244. The moment you drink hot water you will say: 'Thanks God in a heavy way, other wise the moment you drink cold water you will fid each part of your body says: 'Thanks God' in a very easy way

245. The most cheap kind of happiness is to leave people with their own business and the most expensive kind of happiness is to familiarize people and make them familiarize you

246. Sorrow is like a poison, disability is a death, laziness is a loss and hesitation is a wrong thinking, so be cautions

247. A bad neighbor is worse than to live lonely, achieving goodness is superior to great castles and a well praise of God is the distinction

248.The virtue is when you can lessen your debt, work mind, protect your name and beautify your shyness

249. God will make his slaves love you once you quit useless argument, avoid pride, once you are save from lies, accept your destiny and once you are away from envy

250. If you underestimate a king, your life will be over. If you underestimate the world, then your religion is over. If you underestimate a friend, then your generosity is over. If you underestimate God, then your recent life and your life after death are over...


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