To be the happiest people part 15

Salam guys...

241. The nature of life includes tears with smile, sorrow with delight, disaster with gift, crisis with reward and a stable year followed by another changeable

242. Look quite well and you will find out in each home either a sufferer, an afflicted person, a harmed person, or a sad one. At the same time you will find happy people too

243. The voice of people who thank you for your favors is much gorgeous than the singing birds, the gentle trees and the music of chords

244. The moment you drink hot water you will say: 'Thanks God in a heavy way, other wise the moment you drink cold water you will fid each part of your body says: 'Thanks God' in a very easy way

245. The most cheap kind of happiness is to leave people with their own business and the most expensive kind of happiness is to familiarize people and make them familiarize you

246. Sorrow is like a poison, disability is a death, laziness is a loss and hesitation is a wrong thinking, so be cautions

247. A bad neighbor is worse than to live lonely, achieving goodness is superior to great castles and a well praise of God is the distinction

248.The virtue is when you can lessen your debt, work mind, protect your name and beautify your shyness

249. God will make his slaves love you once you quit useless argument, avoid pride, once you are save from lies, accept your destiny and once you are away from envy

250. If you underestimate a king, your life will be over. If you underestimate the world, then your religion is over. If you underestimate a friend, then your generosity is over. If you underestimate God, then your recent life and your life after death are over...

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  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, I love this posting. Very interesting, and learned a lot too.
    You have a nice day.
    ps, Nur, susa nak letak comment here....your comment box half way, and kena tarek the box down to expose the word verication.

  2. hi Uncle Lee .. thanks so much

    susah comment here mehhhh!!!
    will check on it ok...
    thanks 4 dropped by here Uncle Lee
    have a gd day... = )

  3. Zippo dtg balik lepas 3-4 bulan x dyg sini hurm..ala-ala jejak kasih dah

  4. hai zippo.. lama tak jengah
    rajin2 kesini... terima kasih

  5. Derus says:

    banyak betul kan tips to be happiest person..:)

  6. mia says:

    hye dear,
    do visit my collection..

    thnx so muchhhh dear..

  7. @superhamzah...

    silakan.. blh saja

  8. @Derus

    kebahgiaan sebenarnya byk yang kita tidak tahu
    so kena cari dan tahu... tak gitu

  9. hi MIA...
    insyaAllah.. will do visit u soon
    Thanks dropped by here

  10. shida says:

    byknyer...sampai part belas2..hi3...
    nice dear...

  11. hi shida.. thanks sweety...

  12. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, very interesting posting.....
    Here's wishing you and family a very happy new year and all good wishes.

  13. i like th 256..sorrow is could kill u slowly without u knowing it..hehe..

    p/s: banyaknye part..nanti baca pelan2..hehehe


  14. Salam,
    Tkasih atas usaha perkongsian

  15. Dhiyas kn says:

    Wah bacanya mumet hmm musti translate dulu maklum gak bs bhs bule.

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