To be the happiest people part 14

Assalamualaikum guys...

218. If you become in grief, agony, disaster of your family or your money, don't despair because God will comfort you.

219. Remember the saying of Allah;
"Allah Alone is suffcient for us and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)." (Ali Imran : 173)

220. This calms down the wrath, saves from troubles, guides to the right path and it contains a trusted oath

221. How lucky a bird is which files over a rives, lives up a tree, eats fruits, does not expect danger and does not suffer. No doubt it is much happier than human being

222. Delight is a borrowed moment and sadness is a penance, rage is a sparkle, freetime is a loss and workship is an investment

223. Yesterday is dead, today is still precessing, tomorrow is not being born yet and you are the son of the recent time, so invest that time in worship and trust you will gain much

224. Make your pen a companion, your ink a drink, your book a friend, your home a kingdom, your earning a treasure and never be sorry for what is over

225. The beginning of something may harm you and the endings may please you, it is the same as the clouds which have thunder and lighting at the beginning and rain at the end

226. Praising God continuously opens the closed doors, releases the thinking, removes the obstacle and it is the price of earning and good luck

227. To have good moral wife means the you have the religion, the knowledge, the wealth, the generosity, the forgiveness and the health

228. Only God can answer the obliged once he invokes Him, saves the drowned once he calls Him and removes anguish away from the one who says : "Oh Allah"

229. Keep away from hopeless arguments worthless gatherings and inconsiderable friend. The friend can convince you to stick to him permanently and you nature will not refuse

230. It is god to have some characterstics that will look like medals upon chest such as : listening well to people, never interrupting them when talking, soft speech towards others and good morals

231. God gave you eyes, ears, hands, legs, tongue, faith, the Quran, peace ..etc. So where are his right of bing praised and thanked. God said : 
"Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinn and men) deny?" (Ar Rahman : 31)

232. Remember that you can walk using feet while others are deprives of them, you depend upon your legs while others cannot use them, you can sleep but pain deprived some from that ability and you can become enough of good but others are hungry

233. Did you thank God when he save you from deafness, muteness, blindness and leprosy? Did you thank Him when He recovered you from madness, tuberculosis and cancer?

234. Our main problem is that we keep our selves busy too much with our past, neglect our present time and care about our future, so where is our mind and wisdom?

235. Critisism that you may have from people around you means that you doe something which deserved to be mentioned. It means that you supplied them with knowledge, understand, money, social position or and honour

236. To transmigrate someone else's personality to melt yourself within other people or to imitate them means that you are wasting your own personality and committing suicide

237. God said : "Each group of people knew its own place for water" (Al Baqarah : 60)

238. And : "For every nation there is a direct to which they face (in their prayers) so fasten towards all that is good. (Al Baqarah : 148)

239. And He said : "And i the earth are neighboring tracts, and gardens of vines and green crops and date palms growing out two or three from a single stem root or otherwise watered with the same water." (Ar Rad : 4)

240. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said : "Do not be flunky"

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