To be the happiest people - part 13

Assalamualaikum guys... 

201. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said the following statements in different situations :
  • live your life as if you are a stranger or a traveller
  • Pray as if it is your last prayers
  • Never speak with words that may let you regret
  • To be despairing is better than to ask people for what they have you
202. God will love you once you abandon the recent life and people will love you once you abandon what they own. Accept the little, work with the Quran, prepare you self for death and lessen your sins

203. The repulsive person can never enjoy life, the offensive can never feel comfort, the guilty can never find peace, the sinner can never find a lover, the liar can never be praised and the traitor can never be trusted

204. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said : "How strange the believer's condition is, his all matter is good and no one may ever have that goodness, he thanks God for better and he is patient for worse and both cases are blessings for him

205. Smile is the key of happiness, love is its door, pleasure is its garden, faith is its light and safety is its wall

206. Joy is within a beautiful face, a nice garden, cold water, a useful book and a heart that appreciates the blessing, quits sins and lover good acts

207. A healthy man can sleep  over a rock as if he is sleeping over silk, feather, eats bread as if it is a porridge and lives within a cottage as if he lives in a castle

208. The miser is the one who lives in poverty and dies in wealth, he is a servant to his progeny and a keeper for his money he is away from God people hate him and he is of a bad reputation for the whole world

209. Children are better than fortune, health is better than wealth security is better than shelter and experiment is more expensive than money

210. Transform your joy into a gratitude, your sorrow into patience, your silence into a thinking, your look into a consideration, your speech into a praise of God, your life into a workship and your death into a wish

211. Try to look like a bird which gathers its food day and night, never cares about the tomorrow, never trust anything or hurts anything and which is nice and light

212. Over sociability with people allows others to insult you, being patient makes them appreciate you, being generous makes them love you and being in need of them hate you

213. Notice that the universe has a circulation, night always comes after night, day comes after day, and it is impossible for anything to be static. God is in a different condition daily so why are you sad??

214. Its is strange to ask a king, to ask for money from a poor or a stingy and to complain for a wounded because all of them are nothing but slaves of God

215. Send message of tears and needs at dawn time for God at his throne and wait the acceptance

216. Tell God about your matters secretly when you are prostrating because he knows your secrets, don't let people hear you because they may envy you, furthermore it is something between you and God only

217. Glory to God who made humiliation to him as a kind of sublimity, the poverty for him a kind of wealth, asking him a kind of honour and depending upon him a kind of sufficiency 


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  1. hey anis.. ofcoz u do
    by this book??

  2. honeymadu says:

    hye dear.. thanks 4 ur dropby =)

  3. hey honey.. no mention.. =)

  4. salam suka yang 215..tapi susah betul gua nak menangis

  5. hai brutal.. hehehe.. itu namanya
    kau ada sifat sedikit EGO..
    cuba hayati sesuatu perkara
    yang menyedihkan dan kau akan menangis...

  6. nice entry :) nasihat yang berguna, keep it up !!

    Artis Kembar

  7. Nava.K says:

    you are so right on the this - never speak words you may regret. Words can be so sharp and sometimes we don't realize the consequences of the words.

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