To be the happiest people - part 12

Assalamualaikum my dear friends....

191. the best things that you may find throughout the world are a true faith, good morals, a sane mind a healthy body and a mean of loving. Anything else is considered useless

192. There are two hidden blessings: healthy bodies and safe nation. There are two obvious blessing: well praise for God and fine progeny the microbes of hearted

193. The cheerful heart kills the microbes of hatred and the satisfied soul chases the insects of spite

194. Security is when a nation is protection good health is a huge protection, knowledge is the most tasteful, love is the most useful medication and good shelter is the best cover

195. A happy person should never be corrupt, sick, in debt, strange, sad, prisoner or hated

196. Happiness means to be able to ease hostility to achieve good deeds and to win over your desires

197. The less dangerous way is your way back to home the most blessing-day s when you do something good, and the most awful is when your hurt somebody

198. Your insult do someone is the same as if you allow him to insult God. How strange that God created people and they and they doubt his existence, God fed them but they thank others and God secured them from fear but the fight him

199. Don't carry burdens of earth upon your head and never care only about themselves

200. Delight is embeded within sufficiency and residence,safety and home, security of seductions, rescue from troubles, thanking for Gods gifts and an adoration for the rest of your life

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