To be the happiest people - part 11

Salam guys.. 

171. Loneliness  is better than bad companion and vice versa, isolation is a workship and deep thinking is a way of obeying God

172. Isolation is the kingdom of thoughts, too much mix with people is foolishness, too much trust in people is stupidity and being their enemy is pessimism

173. Mistreatment of people is considered a torture, envy is  poison, mentioning a person of what he way hare in this absence is vice and following others faults is considered a failure

174. Praising God for his blessing removes away hardships. True life when you quit sins and the victory upon yourself is the pleasure of great people

175. Dry bread with safety is much delicious than honey with fear and a tent with shelter is much lovely than a castle with sedition inside

176. The joy and the glory of knowledge are eternal and everlasting , otherwise the joy and the glory of money are vanishing and are to come to their end

177. Your happiness of the recent life is childish but your happiness of faith is that of reverent fellowers. Humiliation exists when serve the money and honour exist when you serve God

178. Torture that comes out of your will is sweet, tiredness that comes out of your accomplishments is a rest, the sweat that comes out of work is a musk, and well praise of God is the best

179. The happiness is when you make the Quran your friend, when you make your work a hobby, when you make your home a residence and when you make your sufficiency a treasure

180. The joy of food and money is childish while the joy of praising God is mature. Good deeds are an eternal glory

181. Prayers of the night is the glamour of the day, loving goodness for mankind clarifies the conscience and waiting the relief is a kind of workshipping God

182. Disasters contain four benefits : waiting the reward from God, living within self-consciousness, perfection of praising God and the expectation of ease from God

183. Prayers within a group, achieving the duty, loving all muslims, quitting sins and gainingthe legitimate means of living are the happiness of the recent life and the life after

184. Try not to be the master of the leader of everything because you may face lots of troubles. Don't make the desire your main interest because it has consequences and sufficiency is considered a way for happiness

185. Wasting time is a sign of stupidity, a delay of repentance, a requirement of enemity a disobedience of parents and a revelation a secrets

186. Death of the heart can be notices when you quit obedience of God, when you addict sins, when you don;t care about praising God, when you don't fear Allah and when you despise good followers

187. You will never he happy anywhere unless you were happy within home. No one will lone you if your own family does not love you sure will waste your tomorrow

188. Four thins can bring you happiness useful book, obedient son, beloved wife and good friend, God is your only refuge

189. Wise men always seek for faith, health, wealth, freedom, peace, youth and knowledge but they rarely gather within one person

190. Try to be happy at the moment because you are never aware of your terminal day and you may never have the peaceful time, so don't make critisim your only concern and don't delay the happiness


17 Responses to “To be the happiest people - part 11”
  1. De'din says:

    nice info

    btw, follow blog nih

  2. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, nice posting...our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one round...and to live a life as how we want it to be....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  3. daisy says:

    saya suka point no 171

  4. salam dedin..
    thanks follow blog happiest nih
    senang jika kau pun suka

    singgah selalu disini. =)

  5. Hey Uncle Lee...
    hu3... not nice if i call u Abang Lee
    Tak sesuailah... hehehehe

    anyways, this is our life
    Get to play one round...

    u take care Uncle Lee

  6. salam daisy..
    Good for u

  7. CGG says:

    thanks for sharing

  8. ChiKeDees says:

    make the world full of happiness...

  9. memang betul, baik dok sorang2 rather than ada teman yang entah apa2 kan

  10. salam CCG..
    thanks dear.. pls visit me again
    always welcome..

  11. salam chikedess
    i love that words..
    happiest with familys
    close to Allah can make ur feel
    so beautiful n wonderful..

    Allah is loving and forgiven

  12. sala sharinginfo,,
    yeah.. sometime we have to be lonely
    for ur own good
    can feel that kawan2 yang buat sakit
    HARUUU.... =)

    take care

  13. fuhh!! susah gak nk jd happiest people ni..

  14. salam..

    so nive info..

    follow ur blog..

  15. salam mijieywardie.. actually not so hard huh
    but depends lah...
    don't push ur self
    just to be with Allah n prayers
    u feel much more confortable... =)

  16. salam mr. solo
    i love 175 2345..
    roti kering itu.. hmmmm cicah kopi pun sodap

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