To be the happiest people - part 10

salam guys..

151. Don't you ever pay your health as a price for money, desire or social position because you will lose them all ad will lose the joy of life

152. Those who show the blessings of Allah must thank him, must obey him continuously and must be modest

153. You will be praised form God and loved from people once you direct your soul to the fear of God, clear your thoughts with faith and beautify your morals

154. The lazy is always tired ad sad while the hard worker is the one who knows how to be happy

155. The pleasure and the joy of life are double its disasters and burdens, but the secret is now to get to that pleasure with intelligent ways

156. The poor woman is the one who does not has husband, even id she has all the certificates of the world and all the medals too

157. The perfect life is when you spend your youth in ambition, your manhood in struggle and your senility in contemplation

158. Blame yourself for the defaults and don't blame the others. You have your enough faults that need much time to be fixed, so stay away from other people

159. To have a book that you can understand that pleases your heart, that accompany your soul that opens your chest and that develops your mind is much better than castles and great house

160. Ask for forgiveness and health from God because they are the way toward gaining goodness, happiness and safety from evil

161. how peaceful when you have a loaf of bread, some dates (almost 7) a glass of water and a carpet within a room with the Holy Quran

162. The Happiness is when you deny yourself and sacrifice, when protect others from harm and ofter a help, and when you keep yourself away from selfishness and to be generous

163. Medial laughter pleases the soul, strengthens the heart, removes boredom, ativates for work and clears the mind

164. Worship is the happiness, to be good means to be successful and committed to the glory of Allah. Repentance and asking for forgiveness from God imply that you are a good worshipper

165. The best of your friends is the one whom you can trust, whom you feel comfortable with and whom you can tell about your sufferings, your agonies and your secrets

166. It is better bot to expect much happiness than what you have in order not to lose what already exists between your hands and also not to wait catastrophes in order not to rush for pain and sadness

167. Don't think that you can give everything but always try to give the good things, it is far away to gather all the talents of the whole world

168. Many are ignorant of lots of visible blessings such as a beautiful good woman, a wide house, enough means of living and a good neighbour

169. to be able to forget the severity is kind of bless, to remember a bless is a kind of wellness and to forget the mistakes of others is a kind of virtue

170. Forgiveness of more tasteful than revenge, work is more enjoyable than freetime, satisfaction of enough money is greater than asking for much money and health is better than fortune

ok guys.. continue soon... enjoyed 6__6

11 Responses to “To be the happiest people - part 10”
  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hello Nur, very true semua ni posting.
    We do good in life we will be okay bila naik atas.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  2. hey abang Lee..
    yeah.. true n very d true
    for sure lah we do good in life
    lepas mati kita naik atas kabus

    u 2 abang lee
    have a great day n sing satu lagu dlm hati

  3. nice post...tapi kalo tak de duit cukup makan hati gumbira puntak pe kak... tanya nurni

  4. salam mr. S.O.L.O
    thanks dear..
    ermmmm.. kalau tak ada duit memang susah hati
    tapi jgn kerana duit merana diri..

    InsyaAllah rezeki Allah beri
    mohon berdoa padaNya..
    Dia sentiasa mendengar dan pemurah..

  5. hi Nur,

    suka tgk ya blog. ada isi yyg menarik utk dikongsi.


  6. salam DD..
    thanks dear...
    perkara dan info yang baik
    suka di kongsi bersama..
    moga di perbaiki kelemahan
    dan berpesan2 pada kebenaran..

    singgah lagi DD.. =)

  7. salam ziarah :)

    Bagaimana untuk hidup tanpa gundah gulana?
    jauhi maksiat,
    Rasulullah ckp, maksiat itu benda yg membuat hati gundah gulana dan tidak gembira :)

    Enjoy ur day with maradhatillah :)

  8. salam ziarah..sorry yer tak baca habis..nak kena cari kamus dulu

  9. salam hasrul..
    benar.. jika penuh dgn berbuat dosa maksiat dan lain2 perkara yang haram
    hati dan jiwa kita akan resah dan tidak tenang..

    untuk menampal kembali hati yang sudah rosak
    banyakkan berselawat, solat taubat
    mengaji, puasa sunat, amal dan bersedekah
    walaupun dgn pertolongan yg kecil
    dan berdoa setulusnya kpd Allah

    insyaAllah.. Allah itu Maha Pengampun
    dan Maha mengetahui apa yang
    hambanya kehendaki... Amin

  10. Ask for forgiveness and health from God because they are the way toward gaining goodness, happiness and safety from evil...

    Bila selalu buat dosa, kite akan rasa x tenang dan x gembira, Nabi penah berpesan, dosa itu adalah perkara yang menyebabkan hati tidak tenang padanya :)

    Sama2 kite memperbaiki diri :)

  11. jom sama2 muhasabah diri sempena raya korban :)

    hayati semangat pemuda2 al kahfi dldm mempetahankan akidah mereka :)

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