To be the happiest people - part 9

Salam my dear brothers n sisters..

131. Think of those whom you love and b=never give a single moment of your life to those whom you hate, they don't know anything about you or your severity

132. If you work hard and productively, you will have calm nerves, quiet soul and safe atmosphere

133. Happiness is not only whom you are, whom your parents are, or now much money you have. Happiness is through religion, science, literature and success

134. Generous people are the most happiest people (for Allah), are people with most favor upon their friends and are the most appreciated people

135. If you are not delighted with your recent hour, then don't wait happiness to come over, or to come down for heaven

136. Think about your success, the production of your work and the achievements of good deeds. Enjoy them and praise God in order to relieve yourself

137. The one who kept you away from the severity of the past is capable of keeping you away from the severity of the day and the tomorrow, so just depend upon him (God) and never anyone or ask for anything but from God

138. Time is short. There is a single day between you and rich people, they can never enjoy the yesterday, the tomorrow is not for them or for me, but we all will have one day (the day of judgment)

139. Pleasure activities the soul, cheers up the heart, balance between parts of the body, brings strength and gives life a value and benefit

140. You are happy once you have money, safety, health and religion. Miserables are poor, terrified, sick and atheistic people

141. Modesty is the way for happiness and victory. Follow the facility in order to gain the success

142. There is not but only one word within the hour of time 'Now'. There is not but only one word within the dictionary of happiness 'Content'

143. One you have a disaster, try to imagine it in a bigger size, in that case it will be easy for you and will vanish quickly. Without the difficulties of a disaster there wouldn't be the joy of the relief

144. If you fall down a crisis, remember how many crises God did save you from. Then, you will be sure that who saved you from the first one will save you from the second

145. The looser is the one wastes his day without paying duties, doing his prayers, achieving his progress, being praised from people, learning his science, visiting his family, or accomplishing good deeds

146. It is important to have a book in your hand or around you because you may waste your free time without using it properly. The book is the best keeper of time

147. Accompany the holy Quran. Those who read it day and night never complain of boredom or emptiness

148. Never take a decision without studying it from all the sides, then ask God and wise men. In that case you will never regret

149. A wise man increases his friends and decreases his enemies, a friend is acquired within a year but then enemy is acquired within a day. How lucky a human is when God makes him beloved for all mankind

150. Don't you ever pay your health as a price for money, desire, or social position because you eill lose them all and will lose the joy of life

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6 Responses to “To be the happiest people - part 9”
  1. salam brutalsolo..
    Think bout this post?
    Why u hv to asking?
    What r u thinking?

    Relaxxxx.... just do what u have to do..

  2. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, I'll just say, live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
    Our life today is not a dress rehearsal. We only get to play one round....
    You have a nice day, best wishes, Lee.
    By the way, you makan pumpkin cakes?

  3. Hey brother Lee..
    true true N rue..
    all say its true..

    alamak brother, pumpkin cake?
    i love it.. crazy lohhhh...
    superbbbb.... =)
    can i have some???

    u take care 2345..
    have a gd day n sing 1 satu lagu utk u

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