To be the happiest people - part 6

Salam guys..

71. Rage ruins your mood, charges your morals and abuses relationships. Quit that destroying quality

72. Travelling will amuse and refresh  your life, you will see variable sights and different countries

73. A useful way of arranging your work is to have a notebook note in your pocket, to arrange your time, to remind you of your appotments and in which you write your own notes

74. When meeting people salute them with peace and smile, pay attention to their talk, and be close to them

75. Trust yourself, don't depend totally upon people and consider them to be againts you, no one supports you but only God. Never be proud of those of properity

76. The beginning of any failure and nonsuccess is the use of the word ' I wll.' It helps to delay your work

77. Let go of hesitation when taking a decision, take each situasion with the required will. intention and progress

78. Don't waste your life changing jobs and careers because it means that you did never succeed

79. Good deeds, disasters, repentance, invocation of muslims, the mercy of God and the intercession of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are ways of erasing sins, so be happy of them

80. Charity - even if it was little - deletes sins, delights the hearts, removes the sorrow, and increases the earnings

81. Make the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) your model and your example in life, he is the leader to happiness and the advisor of success and safety

82. You have many blessing that you are ignoring, and to know the value of such blessing try to visit the hospital to be aware of the blessing of your health, the jail to know the importance of your freedom and the mental hospital to notice the value of your mind

83. Have wide awareness and excusess for those who insult you in order to live in peace and avoid the revenge

84. Never allow trivial matters to destroy you, deal with each matter according to its required interests and beware of exaggeration

85. Your enemies want to make you angry and sad. Don't allow them to achieve their hopes in order to keep troubles away from your life

86. Wrath is and aternel suffering, don't look like a bowl of rancors, spite and hatred of people

87. Be polite, quiet, respected when sitting with others adn listen without interruption to what they say

88. It is a shame when you make fun of peoples honesty and integrity or when you enjoy mentioning their falls and their mistakes, keep yourself away

89. Those who have strong faith in God never become sad of missing life, they never care about it, or afraid of its disasters because sooner or later this life will vanish

90. Looking at what is forbidden (haram) leads to hurting the heart and to sadnesses. Happy people are those who protect their glances and fear God

Ok guys.. take care...

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  1. Nur says:

    salam tomato

    nice name n delicios.. yummy

    pls do come again =)

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