To be the happiest people - part 4

Salam guys..

41. Most of what you are afraid of never actually happens and most harms that you can hear about never exist

42. Only God can provide you with his care and His help and this is your basic need

43. It is advisable not to sit with those who carry hatred and envy because they are the illness of the soul and the messengers of agonies

44. Keep on praying in group and increase your time at the mosque. Train youself to be the first person in prayer, so you can find happiness

45. Sins are the source of agonies and sadneses, they are the cause of disasters, catastrophes and crises, so beware of sins

46. Always repeat the saying of Allah :
'non has the right to be worshipped but You (oh Allah). glorified (and Exalted) are Yiu labove all that (evil) they accociate with Youl. Truly, i have been of the wrongdoers

47. It has a mgic effect removing disasters and catastrophes

48. Don't be effected with ugly or bad speechthat can be said about you because it hurts those who say it and never hurts you

49. The insults from your enemies and your enviers equal your value because in that case you are an important person and you became someone to be mentioned

50. Be medial in workshipping Allah, don't press yourself too much, and make the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) your own teacher

51. Be brave, trong, steady and have determination. Don't worry about problems or gossips too much

52. You have to be generous, it is the source of rest and happiness. The stingy always has a closed chest, dark heart and troubled thoughts

53. Attempt to have a smile for all people, keep in touch with them, soften your  speech and be modest. Thus, they sure with love and appreciate you

54. Loyalty to only God can cheer up your soul and according to its purity you will be blessed

55. Initiate good deeds, be gentle with people, calm down the hostility, have peace with your enemies and try to obtain many friends as you can

56. The invocation of the parents for their children is the greatest gate of happiness, obey them so that you might get the benefits of that invocation

57. Live within your reality not within the ideals, you want from people what you cannot do yourself, so be just

58. Deal with people no matter what their candition is and forgive what they may do. It is the nature of the universe to include good and bad guys

59. Have a simple and medial life and beware of living through an exaggerated luxury and welfare, the more you comfort your body the more you complicate your soul

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  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets...and have fun.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Salam Nur, surprise juga bila you bagi komen dalam blog saya yg tak seberapa , at first i thought u were my close friend ajak datang rumah dekat Perak tu...bila tekan nama nur sampai ke rumah lain..hihi tersilap rupanya...anyway salam must be somebody i guesss.

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