To be the happiest people - part 2

Salam my dear brothers and sisters..

13. You should practice sport or just have a walk daily, avoid dullness and laziness, and quit freeetimes and unemployment

14. Read about history, think about it's wonders, marvels and enjoy novels and stories

15. Renew your life, vary he ways of your living and change the routine that you live

16. Abandon the stimulants such as tea or coffee and beware of smoking

17. Take care about your cleanliness, the wellness of your smell and appearance and the use of tooth cleanser and perfumes continuously

18. Avoid books that rise pessimism, frustration and hopelessness

19. Remember that God can forgive, accept his repenters, indulge his slaves and replace sins with good deeds

20. Always thank God for his blessing of relegion, mind, helath, protection, listening, watching, earning, children and much more

21. Don't you know that some people lost their minds or health, some of them are in jail or paralysed, and some of them had disasters

22. Live with d Quran, learn it by heart and read and listen to it. it is a great tratment od sadness and boredom

23. Depend upon God only and leave everything to HIM. Try to be satisfed always with his judgment and seek him only because only God can be your supporter and your refuge

24. forgive your oppressive, keeo in touch with those who forgot you, supply those who prevented you and be patient with those who offended you. In that case you will win happiness and safety

25. Always repeat : "No help and strength except by Allah". It can clarify your thoughts, fix your situation, carry on burdens and satisfy God

26. Try to ask God for forgiveness all the time, it is a way for means of living for relief for children for useful knowledge for ease and for removing sins

27. Be convinsed of your appearance, your talent, your income, your family and your home. thus, you sure will find comfort and happiness

28. Keep in your mind the fact that with each difficulty there is a facility ad with each suffering there is a relief. Life is not a static eternal standard

29. Keep away from hopeleeness and pessimism, be optimistic. Think well of your God and wait all the goodness and grace from him

30. Be happy with each choice that God decides for you because you don't know what is truly good for yourself. May severity be much better than proseperity

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