To be the happiest people - part 1


I just bought this book "706 words of wisdom" to be happiest people last week and still continue.  Love to share with all my readers... 

1. faith can delete burdens, erase sadness and it is the delight of those who workship only Allah and obey Him

2. What done is gone and is over, so don't think about it anymore. it is over

3. Praising God all the time comfort the hearts, erase sins, satisfies Allah and solves egoies

4. Be satisfid with your destiny, everything happens because of fate, so let go of boredom

5. Don't wait anyone to reward you, it is enough to have the reward from God and never care of those who have rancor or envy

6. Don't wait the evening if it the morning time, live your day, and let your main concern reforming that day

7. Just leave the future to come by itself and don't care about the tomorrow because reforming your day means reforming your tomorrow

8. Clarify your heart of spite and envy, take off hatred and evemity out of it

9. Quit all people except good ones, be seated in your home, take care about your own business and lesse mingling with others

10. The book is the best friend, make it your companion, go on with knowledge and accompany the acquaintance

11. The universe is based upon a specific order, you have to organize your clothes, your home, your officeand your duty

12. Get out to space, notify the adorable gardens, and watch the creation of God and the innovation of the Creator

4 Responses to “To be the happiest people - part 1”
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  2. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi Nur, very true everything.
    I believe to live our life like there's no tomorrow.
    And when tomorrow arrives, we will know we have had our yesterdays.
    You keep well Nur, and have a nice day, Lee.

  3. Nur says:

    hello Uncle Lee
    really appreciated that u came here.. So touching.. huhuhuhu...

    like d song, "yesterday when i was young" hmmmm.. no today without yesterday..

    Uncle Lee... Really2 happy that u came 2 visit me.. thanks again. lol

  4. i bought this book today. I love the first word of somehow ease my pain

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